How to make and share Outlook email templates

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Email Templates are so useful and create consistency in the message content. I use templates when new team members join so I cover everything I need to (which is quite a lot!) and for many other purposes.

If you need guidance on how to set up and use Microsoft Outlook templates then check out the article that covers setting up templates.

This article will take walk you through how to then share the template with your team members using Microsoft Team synchronised files.

So, let’s assume you’ve created your template following the instructions in the above article. Your next step is to then share this with members of your Team in Microsoft.

Go to outlook at at the Home tab on the menu select:

  • New Items
  • More Items
  • Choose Form
  • At the ‘Look In’ box select ‘User Templates in File System’
  • Pick up the template you wish to share and ‘Open’
  • Click file and save as…
  • Go to the synched Teams folder where you wish to share
  • Save

All of your Team members can now access the email template from that location. When they click on it then their it will open an email in their Outlook account.

Now that was easy wasn’t it!

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