How can you lock down a Microsoft form once live?

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Microsoft Forms

Microsoft forms are a great tool in the Microsoft Teams suite of offerings, and it’s free dependent on your license level!

I’ve recently prepared one to get weekly feedback from all business team members so we can forge ahead with continuous improvement. I added the form to a Team channel for everyone to access easily to complete. However, that means it’s editable by others on the Team which I don’t want. I also don’t want to share the responses.

Off I went to find the solution and there was a thread at Microsoft Tech Community addressing that very issue. If you’ve followed that link you’ll see there was no solution offered.

Not one to give up I put my thinking cap on to provide the solution under my ‘Tips & Tricks’.

Penntech IT Solutions Tips & Tricks:

Adding the form to the Team Channel

It’s logical to hit the plus sign on the horizontal menu and pick Form then add the relevant form. Instead take the following steps:

  • Pick up the URL of the Form by hitting the share button when in edit mode and copying the link to share
How can you lock down a Microsoft form once live?
  • Go to the relevant channel in Teams and hit the + button on the horizontal menu and type ‘website’.
  • Give your tab the title of your Form and paste in the URL link

The result

When your colleagues now select the tab it will provide the fillable form without the ability to edit.

Ta dah!

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