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We recently wrote about the amazing 3CX cloud telephony solutions offer – free AND reduced charges (80% saving).

A great deal and we’re all looking to manage and reduce costs whilst providing optimum service delivery to our customers.

In my last article on the subject, I showed you how you could take your office phone with you wherever you go.

I’m going to tell you about some more of the benefits of cloud telephony solutions, with a visual lasting just under two minutes for more information.

How to Transfer a call using the 3CX Web Client – Penntech IT Solutions

Call Transfer

In this second video of the series we look at how you can transfer a call, record calls and start a teleconferencing session. You can announce the call or just do a straight transfer.

Call Recording

You can also start to record the call. In the UK you are not required by law to tell the person that the call is being recorded but only if it is to be used for:

  • Training and Quality
  • Meeting Regulatory Requirements
  • Maintaining Evidence of Business Transactions
  • Prevention or Detection of Crime or Fraud.

However, it is considered polite to inform your callers that you are recording. More importantly, if the recordings will be used for any other purpose then you must inform.

Some types of monitoring, such as monitoring electronic communications, are subject to:

Please check it out before rolling out auto record!

Call Recording announcement

To notify your callers (who of course could be overseas where legislation differs) you can use the Digital Receptionist (DR) function. The DR takes the call, gives the message and then routes to the call to a team member.

Conferencing Calling

When you answer a call you can select the conference calling option to connect more than two people to the same connection.

As you’d expect, everything is secured with encryption.

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