How to change a background on Zoom

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Zoom background

I recently did an article on changing your Microsoft Teams background. I love Microsoft Teams for its collaboration capabilities. Zoom also has it’s benefits and has become widely used, particularly during COVID-19.

Zoom background types

There’s funny and there are a few professional ones to pick from. Here’s how you set up one up.

Time needed: 15 minutes

Steps to change Zoom backgrounds

  1. Open Zoom

    Open your Zoom app and log in

  2. Go to Zoom preferences

    Click you profile image and settings

  3. Click the virtual background

    Select ‘Virtual Background’ on the left hand menu

  4. Click the plus sign and Add image

    Click the plus sign on the right and ‘Add Image’.

Microsoft Teams versus Zoom

Microsoft Teams lets up to 250 people join traditional virtual meetings and 10,000 for live streaming events. It works on computers, mobile devices, and with conferencing equipment. Video and audio come in very clear and the program syncs with other Microsoft 365 apps and programs for a bigger and better collaboration experience.

Zoom hosts up to 500 participants at a time and has a webinar option to include more people. Its collaboration tools allow everyone to work on projects in real-time or show demonstrations through screen share. Zooms works with most operating systems, including Linux, and on most devices.


Microsoft boasts security above Zoom. Zoom’s ease of use makes it easy to “bomb” open Zoom meetings. Information-security professionals say Zoom’s security has had a lot of holes, although some have been fixed over the past few months.

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