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COVID-19 has challenged business continuity for many and may challenge how employees work moving forward. IT is a huge part of any business strategy. It supports business in so many


Is home working the new way ahead for businesses?  For many the answer is yet but what about IT Security issues? 

IT is a huge part of any business strategy. It supports business in so many ways and brings competitive advantage. It keeps business assets safe and compliant.. It provides collaboration tools to keep employees engaged in the business aims and culture.  Here’s a run down of considerations:


Home working for an extended period of time is new for most employees. Consider introducing regular contact points and catch-ups to help employees to continue to feel connected and engaged.

Virtual Meetings

Use video or conference calling technology.  There are many options available but do consider security in any choices you make. 

Employee Engagement

Just because we’re working from home doesn’t mean we can’t collaborate and be accountable.  Look at systems that maximise management of engagement and productivity measures.

IT Security

There has been an increased numbers of phishing attacks reported since the outbreak of COVID. Encourage employees to be especially vigilant and consider security training which can be done whilst you have employees on furlough.

Business Protection

Businesses need to communicate changes that need to be made to working practices to support home working. This could include working safety and protecting confidentiality of business information. Employees may need to be asked not to print documents at home and will need to ensure that they able to work from home without sharing confidential information with any other individuals working from home in their household.  Consider implementing increased security measures.

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