Business Process Automation – How to Choose the Right Tools and Identify Opportunities for Automation

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An automation opportunity exists wherever data exists! BPA might seem to be the answer to all of your questions and problems. You will undoubtedly find that it plays a significant role in the transformation of your business and reducing your burdens as well.

In order to make sure BPA is implemented correctly, you must first select the right tool and  identify the types of processes that should be automated.

Choosing the right tools for automation

Before introducing BPA to your business, it is important to consider the tool you are going to use.

The first step is to identify your business needs. Analyse feedback from customers and pinpoint weaknesses in your company. Is there a breakdown in communication between departments? Do you use multiple apps and tools? Has dirty data accumulated over time?

When you know where you are going wrong, you can identify the kind of automation software that will solve those problems. A company with communication issues might want automation software to handle email creation and distribution for example.

For maximum value across your technology ecosystem, your ideal business process automation tool should integrate with the apps you already use. Integrating tools and syncing data will eliminate information silos and improve departmental communication.

Among the many advantages of automation is that it frees up time to focus on other areas of the business. By streamlining systems, you can make the business more efficient.

Finding tools that fit your business’s needs takes time and effort. The ideal software will be one that scales with your business. Because of this, it will evolve as the company transforms.

Investing in software that accommodates a business’s evolving needs will spare you the need to find new software as the business grows, and will provide you with a long-term solution.

When choosing the right business process automation software, keep these three features in mind. First, it should seamlessly integrate with your systems to facilitate a 360-degree view of marketing, sales, and customer service. Secondly, it should increase productivity. Lastly, it should facilitate accurate data-driven decisions by keeping data clean.

How to identify opportunities for automation

The first step is to define all the processes that your organisation has. In some cases, automation can save time and improve performance even if the existing solution is working. Map out how your firm collects, transforms, and uses its data to determine whether automation can assist you.

Then, watch the process in action. As you go through the process, ask yourself if you can make it more practical. Could any steps be eliminated? Ask all those involved if there are any pain points or aspects they wish were different. Then, ensure that changing the process aligns with business objectives.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll be good to start implementing process automation. Make sure that the new workflow prevents bottlenecks and runs smoothly. If it does, repeat these steps for the remaining processes.

How to determine processes suitable for automation

When considering what processes to automate, you should consider the following:


Are your employees spending too much time on a process? If your staff focused on the human aspects of their jobs, like decision-making, planning, and providing excellent customer service, they would be more efficient. Automating repetitive processes can save money, time, and alleviate the hardships of your employees if they require additional staffing or time management.


Ask your employees how difficult their processes are and how long they take. A complex, hard-to-manage task that requires many levels may be worth automating. It is useful to keep in mind, however, that the harder the process, the more setup might be required. You should make sure the method you want to automate will generate a sufficient return on investment.


A process that is unstable and changes frequently may not be worth automating. However, if a process is the same every day, the repetition can be automated, helping it become more efficient. Whenever a task is repetitive, automation works best. Generally, back office functions such as new client onboarding, account reconciliation, and HR functions are perfect candidates. Despite the possibility of automating front-office processes, they typically require more human intervention.


Business does not sleep, and neither does automation. Processing and transactions can occur in large quantities when your employees are off the clock. Thus, automation can continue doing the work behind the scenes while the business is technically closed.

Future-proof your business with automation

Businesses and technology are constantly evolving, and automation can help future-proof your organisation. By streamlining workflows and improving efficiency, employees can focus on high-value tasks and see how their contributions contribute to the organisation. Not only will employee retention be stronger, but it will also positively affect customer satisfaction and speed up processes that will, in turn, satisfy customers more quickly.

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