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How many times have you received a PDF document that you need to make changes too? Loads is probably the answer. I’m about to show you how to edit PDFs for free.

You could always buy Adobe DC but that’s pretty expensive if it’s just now and again that you need to do it. Or… you could follow the tips below and edit your PDFs for free.

No watermarks, no costs and no major limitations.

Tip 1 | Microsoft Word

Yes, that’s right… Microsoft Word. Forget the cutting and pasting routine that you’ve probably tried. Just follow these steps and away you go.

  • Open Word
  • With the blank new document open go up to the File > Open tab and then navigate to the PDF file that you’d like to edit.
  • Don’t forget… when you’re search you’ll need to make sure that it’s looking for a PDF file or you won’t see it!
  • Select the file and Word will automatically convert the PDF into an editable Word document.
  • Once it opens, make any edits you need to. (Note that this may not look exactly like the original PDF, especially if the original file contained multiple graphics.)
  • Now save the document as you please, either PDF or Word, or both! You’ve just edited your PDF for free and boosted productivity.

Tip 2 | Sejda

Head over to https://www.sejda.com/

There’s no installation required and the free version provides pretty much the functionality you need.

Follow the instructions to upload a PDF file.

There are lots of options for editing the document so take your pick. You can add links, extra text, images, a signature etc.

Once you’re finished just click on ‘apply changes’ and you’ll get the download option. Click to download and your’e done!

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