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Device Encryption for mobile hardware

Is your business data secure when it leaves the office?  Do you have Mobile Device Encryption in place?

As businesses transition from legacy PC environments to mobile iOS devices and applications, they need to implement robust security more than ever.  Mobile device security threats are on the rise.

The introduction of bringing your own device (BYOD) poses a further threat to security. How do we secure the business aspect of the device without hindering the user’s personal access? Mobile device management (MDM) solutions provide organisations with the ability to containerise information and maintain control over their data.

Protection of business data spans further than simply protecting the server or setting permissions on access.

What is Device Encryption?

Once users have access, you need to protect the data that rests on their laptops or mobile devices, as these are frequently taken out into public areas like cafes , buses and trains. It takes a hacker less than 5 minutes to change an admin password and gain access to a lost or stolen laptop.  Device Encryption manages that risk with centralised control.

Our suite of encryption tools can be centrally managed and applied to laptops, desktops, mobile devices and USB sticks. Once encrypted using AES 256-bit encryption the data on these devices is not accessible unless you have the keys to unlock it.

What’s protected?

Device Encryption protects business data such as email, documents, and enterprise applications right within the container. This ensures that your business data is separated from user’s personal data on the device. Additionally, encryption for the entire device and/or SD Card can be enforced depending on Mobile Device Management product capability.

Secure email: Mobile Device Management products allows you to integrate your existing email setup into the chosen product. This provides the flexibility of configuring email remotely.

Secure documents: Mobile Device Management can restrict or even disable copy and paste to protect your business documents.  It can also restrict or disable forwarding of attachments to external emails, or prevent saving business documents onto a pen drive.

Secure browser:  Every Mobile Device Management product has a built in custom browser.  Users are forced to use the secure browser for additional security.

Secure app catalog: You can distribute, manage, and upgrade applications on an employee’s device using an App Catalogue. This provides an option for your business to deploy devices in Kiosk Mode or Lock-Down Mode.