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MECM Health Review and App Deployment

Penntech carried out a health review of the Trust’s MCEM platform to ensure optimal functionality and security.

The problem faced

This particular NHS Trust’s Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (MECM) platform required a health review to ensure it was optimally functioning.

The Trust also sought Penntech’s professional recommendations around the deployment of 3rd party applications and management of updates.

The Solution

Penntech carried out a full review of all MECM systems being used and provided a report detailing all areas that require work and/or investigation to ensure carried-on performance for the NHS Trust’s needs. Penntech also provided recommendations in the report around the best methods to deploy 3rd party applications and how to ensure those applications are kept up to date.

Penntech listed some security best practices which needed to be configured such as:

  • Restricting access to the MECM database
  • Restrict admin rights on the site server
  • General steps to take which ensure a healthy MECM server
  • Separating the IIS Based site systems from the Site Server
  • Restricting how people can remote onto the MECM server
  • Role-Based Administration

The platform review was carried out using specialist IT skills and knowledge without the requirement for tool aids.

The outcome

The outcome provided the Trust with confidence around the requirements to ensure optimum functionality and security.

The security best practices identified were configured by Penntech ensuring that systems are protected against misconfiguration.

Penntech also provided some future recommendations to the NHS trust such as:

  • Wake on LAN for desktops/laptops which will help ensure these are updated within the required 14-day time frame after Patch Tuesday
  • Implementing a High-Availability environment for MECM
  • Looking at a co-management setup which can accommodate a better agile working experience for laptop users and ensure remote patching keeps laptops protected

Benefits realised

  • MECM optimum functionality
  • Best practice app deployment and patching
  • System protection against misconfiguration
  • No interruption to business as usual

Geographical area

Similar projects have been carried out across UK-wide NHS Trusts

Service type

The Trust used Penntech’s Consultancy Service to realise the benefits.

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