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IT Monitoring Systems

For those not quite ready, but don’t want to be caught out our IT Monitoring and Maintenance Systems provide a cost effective solution to keep you secure.

This is ideal for businesses that aren’t at the stage where they require a fully managed IT Support package but would benefit from alerting and automated maintenance.

By deploying an agent onto each machine, we can monitor all aspects of your infrastructure including computer, server and networking hardware, antivirus, email and backup. If we receive an alert that requires attention, we’ll raise a service request and seek your approval before investigating.

As well as providing alerts, we also configure monthly automated maintenance tasks such as clearing temp files, running hard drive disk checks, running Windows updates and updating third party programs such as Adobe. These tasks keep your system secure and minimise the chance of an issue occurring.

What is IT Monitoring?

The System monitoring tools we use to manage your IT system in a centralised manner and remotely.

The tools perform a variety of more granular functions that fall under network and application monitoring.  All of these monitoring activities provide information to our IT Engineers when there is a failure or system malfunction.  We also use them to provide reports around your systems performance.

Additionally, system monitoring can be used for:

  • Taking hardware and software inventories
  • Configuration management
  • Patch management
  • Security management (such as virus and spam filters)
  • Backup and restore capabilities can be offered as an additional service