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We’re selected to partner with Exclaimer to enable our clients to implement consistent email signatures  These are available for Outlook, G Suite, Exchange or on devices via an agent.

Exclaimer can be used to increase brand awareness and portray a professional image to recipients wherever you’re sending the email from.

You’re able to manage everyone’s email signature in Outlook, G Suite or whichever system you use and all from a central console.  This means you can design different signatures for different functions. Marketing can have promotions and call to actions.  Sales can use captured data on clicks to feed into their sales automation.

The email signatures are consistent even if sent from a mobile device.  How many times do we see that default ‘sent from my iPhone’ message?  Not anymore with Exclaimer.  You can also be sure that your email disclaimer is accurate across all users for legal compliance and business protection.

We configure Exclaimer for you, centrally manage and troubleshoot if you have any issues so we are a single point of contact who knows you and your objectives.  You can go direct to Exclaimer for the same price but there would be no you’d have to configure, centrally manage and troubleshooting.  For that there is an additional annual charge for a Software Management Agreement.

Whenever you’re ready to implement email signatures for outlook, G Suite or whichever software you use – we’re here to get you set up and ready to enjoy the benefits.