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Video Conferencing Solutions

We all know about video conferencing with COVID-19 increasing usage both personally and for businesses to continue to operate.  But which is the best option?  Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebEx or another?

We work with a variety of leading video conferencing partners to provide a service that is suitable for your business both now and in the future.  Whether you’re looking for a system to integrate a boardroom or remote workers, we can implement the perfect system which works for everyone.

Video conferencing is highly secure requiring authorisation (think ‘waiting in the lobby’ in teams).  In provides live communication, screen sharing, audio and video options for attendees.  It’s allowed us all to be productive in challenging times.

In Zoom you can create break-out rooms.  In Teams (the successor to Skype for Business) which integrates nicely into a stack of other business tools.  Blue Jeans (powered by Dolby Voice) includes background noise cancellation and integrates with hardware-based conference room systems as well.  So much choice for video conferencing but what’s right for your business?

Deploying the right system in the right way results in a reduction in travel time and costs, increased productivity and improved attendance of business-critical meetings.  Reach out to us for advice with no obligation whatsoever.