Stay flexible! Don’t get locked in!

Heavy costs preventing you from keeping your organisation’s technology current?

Tech-as-a-Service subscription purchases are the easiest way to get the best technology without the need for a capital budget.

What exactly is Tech as a Service (TaaS)?

Tech-as-a-Service allows you to combine our hardware, software and services into a single solution for you, or to simply have the hardware of software standalone. It provides you with access to the latest technology through OpEx rather than CapEx.

The TaaS programme helps you to move away from large capital investments. Instead, you can enjoy technology, training, services and
maintenance through a low-cost monthly, quarterly or annual subscription plan.

Simple subscription

One simple, flexible subscription for all your technology. Save up to
30% on total cost of ownership of hardware and software solutions.
Choose a move from large-outlay capital purchases to a budget friendly
subscription programme.

Up to date technology

Afford the best technology, right now, secure the most competitive rates and access a vast array of products and services.

• Maximise operational efficiency with limited in-house resources
• Reduce upfront IT investment
• Lower Total Cost of Operation (TCO)
• Ongoing expert technical support
• Faster access to latest technology

Check out our video below for a brief visual overview of TaaS