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IT procurement is always tricky for the layperson.  Let us take the bother out and share our economies of scale with you through better pricing.

By partnering with industry-leading wholesalers, we can offer our clients competitively priced hardware from almost every IT vendor available.  On average we spend 30 minutes to an hour finding the best solution and best price.

Our vendor-agnostic approach enables our clients to be reassured that we’re finding the right solutions for their business requirements and not piecing together products from a preferred supplier list.

Delivering reliable hardware and software which functions optimally for our clients is far more important to us.

Our IT Procurement service can provide, but is not limited to:

If you think IT procurement think Penntech IT Solutions – we’re here to support you.

Check out our IT Partnerships. We have to prove our worth to achieve partner status. They trust us to partner which means you can trust us too.