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Microsoft Office 365 | Encrypted office 365 email

Office 365 offers a range of product packages:

  • Business Basic
  • Business Standard
  • Business Premium
  • Apps for business
  • Publisher

The list goes on.  Office 365 Teams is a fantastic product for collaboration and there are many tools available with a subscription.  Best of all there’s lots of free apps to use that could be saving you money.  Even better, you can currently get yourself a free version.

Office 365 Essentials is one to consider and provides encrypted office 365 email through its Enterprise E3 license.  Encrypted office 365 emails provide added security for peace of mind.

You can use forms for polls, surveys and questionnaires.  Digitise manual forms to avoid repetition.   Automate business processes with Power Automate.  Use Video conferencing for calls and collaboration inside and outside of your business.  Take advantage of Cloud storage.  There’s so much it offers.  Mind boggling when faced with which package to use.

Is the most expensive the best?  Not necessarily.  Every business differs in terms of needs so reach out to us and we can advise to avoid overspending.  Oh, and we can offer a 5% discount on licenses when purchased with an IT service type.