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IT Infrastructure

IT infrastructure (IT Network) design is more than connecting up a few wires and adjusting a couple of settings in your server (cloud or on-premise).  It’s designing the IT infrastructure protocols and software for your bespoke business needs, your computers, and your team members.

With our expert knowledge of solid IT infrastructure design, you will have an easy to use, easy to improve, easy to scale versatile network and IT infrastructure solution. Don’t let your infrastructure impact your on business efficiency because it’s clunky or out of date (technology moves fast!).

What is infrastructure as a service?

Step 1:  Evaluation & Assessment

We talk to you in jargon-free business-focussed terms to evaluate the needs of your business right now, but importantly your growth plans.  We then assess the existing network and associated peripherals.  We will then set out the plan to integrate users and software.  And that’s all free!

Stage 2: Planning & Design

If you’d like to take the recommendations forward then we work with your internal champion to plan the stages, SLAs and configuration steps, including upgrades if necessary.

The infrastructure plan recommend will meet the businesses needs and be flexible enough to grow with it as core elements.

Stage 3: Implementation

For the practical implementation of a network design, your business needs a seamless integration plan.  Who can afford for IT infrastructure design implementation to cause disruption to business operations.  So we agree the best time, out of core hours, usually at the weekend to implement.

Security Services

Security threats are a critical consideration for any business.  One of the big problems a business will face is being able to secure IT infrastructure that was not designed at the outset. So if you’re thinking IT Security then think IT infrastructure first or you could be throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping it sticks!  We consider security protocols as a core element of our Infrastructure Audit, which don’t forget is FREE.

Back-up Solutions

Even today’s smallest businesses need a system in place to back-up and protect their assets.  When we design your IT Infrastructure we will consider and implement back-up solutions to support disaster recovery.

It is important to optimise your network to ensure your investment in hardware is well placed. Our team can design and implement your IT infrastructure with high availability, performance and security in mind to maximise your return on investment.

If you’re seeing networking performance issues or patchy wireless then contact us for a no-obligation discussion on how we can help you.