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Are you concerned about the setup of your current IT systems? Our infrastructure audit reviews your current setup, both on-premises and in the cloud to ensure that you’re following industry recommended best practices.

During our infrastructure audit, we build an initial profile of your business to ensure that we are able to recommend improvements which can aid staff productivity and deliverability to your clients.

Best of all… it’s free!

Infrastructure Audit framework


The IT Audit is conducted so that management controls of the IT infrastructure can be examined, with a focus on identifying shortfalls with security and productivity.  The results of our audit and recommendations are then written up with no obligation whatsoever.

We adopt a three-step approach to free of charge, no obligation IT Audits.

Step 1 | Review meeting

A member of our team will meet with you to gain an understanding of your business needs and an overview of your setup.

During the meeting they will ensure that they fully understand your business, any relevant history, and the reasons for your current IT infrastructure. We will also discuss pain points you may be experience and business growth plans.

Step 2 | Performance of the Audit

We will then carry out the physical audit of your IT systems and benchmark your IT infrastructure against current industry best practice, but more importantly your business objectives.

Step 3 | Presentation of reports and findings

We will then report back with our findings of the infrastructure audit and outline the current position of your IT systems, identifying any shortfalls and risks, and optionally suggest possible future improvements.

This can identify whether, for example, everything is operating efficiently, your assets are safe, and whether IT is contributing to your business objectives.

Free IT Infrastructure Audit