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Hosted telephony is now more widely available since internet connectivity has become more stable on a global level.

The introduction of cloud-based hosted telephony allows you to save costs of your calls while providing higher availability, security and the ability to quickly and easily scale these services up or down.

Hosted phone systems, or virtual phone systems, enable your business to have a fully functional telephone service without needing to purchase system hardware, other than handsets. No more waiting for the provider to install another ISDN line.

The options in hosted phone systems include both traditional PBX and Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), which uses the Internet to transmit calls.

There is a wide range of VoIP handsets available, or download software to your mobile phone and take your business every with you. Never miss a call again!  Alternatively, you can have the traditionally looking handset on your desk or software on your laptop screen OR a combination of all of them.

At Penntech IT we have chosen to partner with both 3CX and 8×8 to offer competitive prices to suit our client’s needs.