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Fail to plan, plan to fail as the saying goes.

Disasters can happen at any point and are not limited to fires or floods. Many happen because of accidental, or sometimes malicious, data deletion, hardware failure or even poor security practices.

Have you considered your Recovery Time Objective (RTO) – how quickly do you want to get back to normal after a disaster?

Or your Recovery Point Objective (RPO) – how much data are you prepared to lose?

Disaster recovery (DR) is an area of security planning that aims to protect your business from the effects of significant negative events. Having a strategy plan in place enables your business to maintain or quickly resume business critical functions following an event.

DR Planning is a documented process or set of procedures to execute a plan to recover and protect your business’ IT infrastructure in the event of a disaster. It is “a comprehensive statement of consistent actions to be taken before, during and after a disaster

Ideally, everyone would be down as little as possible, with no data loss, however this comes with increased costs. With the introduction of disaster recovery as a service, we’re able to minimise downtime with regular backups during the day and off-site replication to the cloud.  If you need help with your DR Planning documentation then we can support you with that too.