Our IT Partnerships

Great partners, make great solutions

Our IT Partnerships

We have partnerships with leading hardware and software providers for IT equipment.  Let us take the hassle out of technical procurement for you and bring solutions technically fit for purpose and scalable.  We are also able to pass over savings due to our strong relationships in the marketplace.

IT Partners

Penntech IT Solutions are proud to choose vendors and solutions for our Clients based on evaluation of their needs and best fit, not ours.  That said, we are recognised by industry leaders as IT Technology Partners due to our expertise in our field (which we have to demonstrate and not simply claim).  Through technology partnerships we are able to share economies of scale with our Clients, which enables a cost differentiation against other IT service providers.

By partnering with industry-leading wholesalers, we can offer our clients competitively priced hardware from almost every IT vendor available.  Our vendor-agnostic approach enables our clients to be reassured that we’re finding the right solutions for their business requirements and not piecing together products from a preferred supplier list.  Delivering reliable hardware and software which functions optimally for our clients is far more important to us.

Here are a small selection of our premier partnerships, but remember we’re not limited to these and will always consider what best supports your business both now and in the future.  We support growth so scalability is at the heart of our recommendations.

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Microsoft Silver Partner

Becoming a Microsoft Silver IT Technology Partner demonstrates our commitment to maintaining a high level of support for Microsoft products and we employ certified engineers to assist our delivery.

Microsoft Standards


Cloud Telephony Solutions


Delivering enterprise grade telephony solutions

Our IT Partnership with 3CX stems from its flexibility both in terms of installation and maintenance of Cloud telephony. It empowers users with remote working and allows our clients to have a fair, cost-effective deployment model.


Your journey, secured.

Barracuda is a key IT Technology Partner, offering a full suite of protection solutions including e-mail security, archival, cloud-to-cloud backup and an AI to tackle phishing and account takeover. It also offers a more favourable pricing structure with compromising quality.


Protecting your data on premise and in the cloud

StorageCraft’s ability to continuously backup throughout the day with off-site replication to the cloud and the ability to immediately start-up a server remotely in a crisis means that your data remains available should a disaster strike.


Reliable hardware and excellent post sales support

Reliability and post-sale customer service are key to selecting a hardware supplier. Partnering with Dell demonstrates our commitment to delivering the best possible experience for our clients.



Powered by AI, Cloud-native, Fully Synchronised

As a Sophos Partner, we recognise the importance of delivering an enterprise-grade security product capable of protecting and securing your business-critical applications and data.


Secure Your Modern Enterprise‎

Duo Security verifies the identity of users with two-factor authentication and checks the health of their devices through endpoint remediation before they connect to corporate applications and networks with single sign-on.


Make “Remote” Work for Your Business

Penntech has partnered with Egnyte to provide Enterprise File and Sync Solutions to our clients. Leveraging Egnyte’s hybrid approach, organisations can choose which data needs to stay on-site and which goes to the cloud, whilst still providing end-users the ability to collaborate from any location on any device.

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