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Microsoft Silver Partner Status

As an IT Support Company we were hugely proud to achieve Microsoft Partner certification... it's our proof of being good, really good!

Office 356

As an IT Support Company we were hugely proud to have achieved Microsoft Partner status.

What does being a Microsoft Partner mean?

It means we’re good – really good and have proof that we are go-to IT Support Company in London with the relevant Tech Management capabilities to service our Clients to a superior level.

What it proves we can do

To acquire Microsoft Partner status, we had to demonstrate expertise (and qualification) in various areas of business and technology.

You also need to renew this on an annual basis so there’s no resting on your laurels!  We’re telling you because we’re very proud of the commitment to continual development for the benefit of our customers.

Our competencies tested

Gaining the accreditation is no mean feat! We were able to demonstrate our competencies across the Microsoft Partner standards. Visit Microsoft Competencies for more information.

That’s all for now folks…

As always, if you need any IT Support, Tech Advisory or just want to explore through a quick call then just reach out without feeling any obligation, or contact us by email.

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