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Coronavirus Second Wave – Businesses Need to Be Prepared

Coronavirus second wave

Coronavirus Second Wave – Businesses Need to Be Prepared

Many companies were caught off guard by the first lock down. However, with eased measures over the summer, many quickly went back to business as usual. This means companies could find themselves scrambling to get ready for a Coronavirus second wave of lock downs – a threat many countries around the world are currently facing. As a business that produces communication tools built for remote work, 3CX has made the move to help companies face these challenges at no cost.

3CX is offering companies a free one year package with three deployment options to choose from. Businesses can opt to self-host on the cloud or on-premise, or make use of the new fully hosted option by 3CX, which also includes one year of hosting at no extra charge. This means companies do not have to invest time or resources into managing servers and phone system infrastructure while facing the challenges of a lock down. For all three options, a fully functional phone system will be ready to use in less than an hour, so they can continue to focus on their day-to-day business.

Keep Productive: Mobile Extensions, Online Meetings & Live Chat

The 3CX web portal and mobile apps for iOS and Android allow staff to use their office extension anywhere they have an internet connection. This means they are using the same business phone number clients recognise. Integrated video conferencing allows teams to keep in touch and collaborate effectively, without the need to download any extra applications. Features such as live chat (available in v16 Update 7) allow businesses to keep on top of client communications, real time from anywhere. The fact that all of these are fully integrated into 3CX means staff can switch between the various channels seamlessly. Also, businesses can avoid the costs and unprofessional image of using different third party software for each communication channel.

Free for 1 Year – Low Cost, Scalable, Long-term Solution

3CX is offering its Standard Edition and hosting completely free for one year. When the free year is over, customers can continue their hosting service with simple, low-cost annual licensing. The annual fee also includes additional features, such as business text messaging, call center functionality and CRM integration. 3CX believes that the free year will bring most companies through the challenges of the second wave and leave them in an excellent position to continue with a strong communication system.

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