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Cyber Security

Passwords: Is It Time to Ditch for More Secure Passkeys?

Passwords are the most used authentication method but are among the weakest. Passwords are often easy to guess or steal….

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Cyber Security

What Is Push-Bombing & How Can You Prevent It?

Cloud account takeover has become a significant problem for organisations. Think about how much work your company does that requires…


The Benefits of IT Managed Services in the Modern World

Increased Security for Your Data and IT Systems Managed IT services provide several measures to protect your business’s data and…

Cyber Security

Blog Insider Threats are Getting More Dangerous – here’s how to stop them

One of the most difficult types of attacks to detect are those performed by insiders. An “insider” would be anyone…

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Cyber Security

Better Digital Offboarding of Employees

Digital footprints cover today’s modern workplace. Employees begin making these the moment they’re hired. They get a company email address…

Cyber Security

Disaster Recovery: How much does downtime hurt a business?

Published date: 11/03/2021 Disasters happen In the past 12 months, businesses experienced an average of 5 to 10 unplanned outages…

Cyber Security

Darkside ransomware | Free decrypter released for victims of darkside ransomeware

Darkside is a new ransomware attack that started at the beginning of August 2020. It is supposedly run by former affiliates of other ransomware campaigns that extorted money who decided to come up with their own code. According to the known incidents, the ransom demanded falls in the range of between $200,000 and $2,000,000 (US).

Cyber Security

Exposing the Top 4 Myths of Cloud Security

Security breaches and their business impact make the headlines frequently, underscoring the need for more stringent security.

In fact, 74% of IT leaders say security concerns are what holds them back from moving to the #cloud. What is the reality?

Get the real story from this eBook on four common myths about cloud security and #MSCloud facts. To get started, contact us to have your questions answered about Windows 10 and Microsoft 365 Business solutions from Penntech IT Solutions.

Cyber Security

Windows 7 End of Life

Windows 7 end of life… Vinyl records, Polaroid cameras, Atari 2600, the Commodore 64… these were all amazing bits of…

Cyber Security

Employee Cybersecurity Training

Cybersecurity threats Who poses the biggest threat to your business’ cybersecurity? Is it the thief above or a competitor looking…

Cyber Security

Phishing Attacks

Phishing Attacks Get your armour on… what you need to know to stay safe! Like Darwin’s finches, phishing has evolved…

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Cyber Security

AntiVirus free trial

AntiVirus free trial from Webroot.  Discover cloud-based protection that stops threats in real-time and secures businesses and individuals wherever they…