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AntiVirus free trial from Webroot.  Discover cloud-based protection that stops threats in real-time and secures businesses and individuals wherever they connect.

What is Cloud AntiVirus for Business?

It’s the offloading of antivirus management to a cloud-based server, rather than on a user’s computer.  The chosen solution installs a small program on a user’s desktop, which connects to the Cloud Security Server. It’s there that data from antivirus scans is analysed and protection measures are sent back to the user’s computer.

The cloud AntiVirus for business market is growing as both well-known and start-up companies take advantage of distributed computing technology to provide improved protection.


What’s better than a free trial? Real-time data can be pushed to the user’s desktop to update malicious files and sites.  This provides more security than waiting for a user to perform a manual update or scheduled updates.  Cloud AntiVirus for business is more cost effective in most cases.

Our solutions

All our AntiVirus solutions leverage threat intelligence, which is trusted by top network and security vendors, like Cisco, Citrix and F5, our cloud-based platform uses context and reputations to stop never-before-seen threats before the competition knows they’re there.

With centralised alerts and reporting you can stop worrying about the security of your endpoints and allow us to manage them moving forward.

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