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Email Security and Phishing attacks



Email Security is essential to avoid phishing attacks which are on the rise.  Recent survey data shows that 49% of companies expect to experience a data breach or cybersecurity incident in the next month.


We’d like to help ensure you stay secure!  Here’s a great COVID-19 business bounce back deal from our Partner Barracuda. 

Email Security Services

Barracuda are a leading Email security services provider you can trust.

Two months free

If you have Email Security currently in place then we will price match AND provide 2 months worth of service free of charge.  If you don’t have security in place then you’ll get the best price and 2 months worth of service free of charge!  What’s the catch… it expires at the end of June but that’s it.


Get up and running in minimal time with real-time provisioning;
Integrated Advanced Threat Protection against zero-hour threats ;
Powered by an enterprise-grade threat intelligence network;
Comprehensive message log for detailed visibility into why messages are blocked/allowed
Integrated Encryption and Email Continuity enabled through a centralised portal
Email Protection


Here’s more information if you do want to dig deep.  If not then reach out to us – we’re a friendly bunch!

Email protection

Protect your business from all the top email threats, including the sophisticated ones designed to slip through your secure gateway.

Don’t miss this in-depth look at today’s wide range of evolving email threats, including their risks and impacts on businesses, and how machine learning and API-based inbox defence can address the gaps in the email gateway and help provide total email protection against attacks.

  • Defend against sophisticated email threats that are able to bypass defences and wreak havoc using backdoor techniques, including spoofing, social engineering, and fraud.
  • Protect employees at the inbox level using the right combination of technology solutions and security-awareness training.
  • Use a multilayered protection strategy to radically reduce susceptibility to email attacks and help better defend your business, data, and people.

See all the latest threats, data, analysis, and solutions for yourself.


On a similar note… did you know there are three primary types of hacker—white hats, black hats, and grey hats.  Amazingly they’re not all bad!  If you’re interested then have a read.


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