Meet all your IT requirements in one place

Managed IT

Finding an IT partner that seamlessly integrates into your business is a fundamental element in promoting continued business growth. We’re so confident that we’ll be the right fit for you we don’t lock you into annual contracts.

To ensure your IT strategy aligns with your business, we offer all of our managed clients a quarterly meeting. Here we can discuss any emerging technologies, projects and enhancements or concerns you may have.

Managed IT Services are split into two categories. Please contact us so we can discuss your requirements and ensure that you pick the right package.

Cloud Solutions

How do you know whether cloud is the right solutions for your business?

SaaS, DaaS, IaaS, Public cloud, private cloud? With so many acronyms and buzzwords in the market, it can all become a bit confusing.

Penntech Solutions is here to take the confusion out of the Cloud and put your business on the right path.


System Monitoring & Maintenance

Ideal for businesses that aren’t at the stage where they require an fully-managed IT Support package but would benefit from alerting and automated maintenance.

By deploying a small agent onto each machine we can monitor all aspects of your infrastrucutre including computer, server and networking hardware, antivirus, email and backup. If we receive an alert that requires attention, we’ll raise a service request and seek your approval before investigating.

As well as alerting we will also configure some monthly automated maintenance tasks such as clearing temp files, running hard drive disk checks and running Windows updates. These tasks will keep your system secure and minimise the chance of an issue occurring.

Consultancy & Projects

Whether you’re a start-up looking for a simple setup, an established business looking to migrate your IT systems from physical to virtual infrastructure, or an IT department that needs some assistance. We offer consultancy and project management solutions to suit your requirements.

We love assessing solutions to make sure that your technical setup suits your business. When you’re ready to make your IT work for you contact one of our team for a no obligation discussion on how we can help.

Technical Services

Penntech IT Solutions offer a range of IT services to compliment organisations basic support needs. The list below is not exhaustive but provides an overview of the additional services most clients require.

Please contact us if you require a services or solution that isn’t listed

IT Support

  • Retained IT Management
  • Ad-hoc IT Support
  • IT Consultancy
  • IT Projects
  • Internal IT Department overflow
  • System Monitoring
  • System Maintenance
  • Infrastructure Auditing



IT Security

  • Email Security – Anti-spam, anti-malware and archiving

  • Multi-Factor Authentication

  • Data Encryption
  • Enterprise Grade Managed Anti-virus

  • Enterprise grade Web Security

  • Mobile Device Management



Backup and Disaster Recovery

  • Managed Backups with Monthly Restore

  • Image Based Backup

  • File Level Recovery

  • Database and Mailbox level recovery for Exchange

  • Automatic Off-Site Server Backup

  • Backup of Cloud – Office 365, Box, Dropbox

  • Backup monitoring and testing


  • Vendor Agnostic Hardware Procurement

  • Software Licensing

  • Website SSL Certificates

  • Domain Registration

IT Cloud Solutions

  • Hosted Email Solutions

  • Cloud based Server Backup

  • Hosted Data Services

  • Cloud based Web Security

  • Cloud based Managed Anti-virus

  • Cloud based centralised Signature Management

  • Hosted VoIP Services

  • Cloud based Infrastructure Management

  • Dedicated Server Infrastructure Hosting

Internet Services

  • Internet connections – including FTTP, MPLS and Leased line

  • Domain hosting

  • Website hosting




Network Services

  • Network planning and design

  • Network Implementation
  • Multi-site networks

  • Network cabling

  • Wireless Network Infrastructure design




Other Services

Office Relocation